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The Latest Issue of Delta Wildlife Magazine

Winter 2016

Latest issue

The Winter 2016 issue features In Pursuit of Northern Bobwhites and Hearing Protection In The Field.

Articles from this Issue

Chairman’s Message: Water is the Critical for Delta Waterfowlers

We continuously complain about not having ducks in the Mississippi Delta. And last year, was likely one of the worst. But the current duck population is higher than the North American Waterfowl Management Plan goals, and has been for the past 7 years.

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Delta Fauna: Birds of Winter

The American Goldfinch is a year round resident for some parts of Mississippi. However the late fall/early winter migration of this “wild canary” are easily noticed.

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Delta Sportsman: ZIKA Update

We are all now well aware of the Zika virus transmitted by mosquitos. The main thing we hear and read almost daily is that the virus can cause severe birth defects and this is certainly cause for concern and avoidance.

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Delta Sportsmen: Hearing Protection In The Field

If you are an outdoorsman like myself, you’ve probably at some point in your hunting career had the thought cross your mind, “I really need to do a better job at protecting my hearing” usually immediately after saying something along the lines of, “Dangit Kit, that shot just insured me going deaf at least five years earlier than I was going to”.

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Feature: In Pursuit of Northern Bobwhites

Generations of southern sportsmen long-gone shared stories of bird dogs and covey rises instead of the pursuit of trophy bucks and limits of mallards. To me, our hunting heritage is predicated in these stories…on the pursuit of the Northern Bobwhite quail.

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