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Wonder Weeds for Waterfowl

From the Spring 2007 issue

Webster’s dictionary defines ‘weed’ as, “Any undesired, uncultivated plant.” However, an ecologist recently said a weed was, “A plant without a home.”

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Girls Gone Wild!!!

From the Spring 2005 issue

Okay, men, your secret’s out. No more exclusive rights to the brotherhood of hunting. There’s a new herd of hunters on the horizon, infiltrating some of the Delta’s most sacred grounds.

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“Weird” Antler Characteristics

From the Spring 2003 issue

Weird stuff happens, everywhere – deer antlers are no exception. Examples may include single, broken, deformed, or malformed-antlered deer.

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The Antler Growth Cycle

From the Fall 2003 issue

The following is a scenario that plays out every fall and winter to countless hunters across Mississippi and across the country. The morning air is cold. The frost covering the ground is beginning to burn off thanks to the rising sun.

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Durana White Clover

From the Fall 2004 issue

There has long been a need for a persistent productive, long-lived clover that is highly competitive in a mixed stand with perennial grasses or other aggressive plants.

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Dual Purpose Dogs

From the Fall 2002 issue

The Boykin Spaniel was first bred by South Carolina hunters during the 1900’s to provide the ideal dog for hunting ducks and wild turkeys in the Wateree River Swamp.

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