Delta Wildlife’s Philosophy


Conservation vs. Restoration and Management

Conservation is a critical component of Delta Wildlife’s efforts. However, conservation only sustains existing wildlife habitats and populations. To truly improve wildlife habitat and provide an opportunity for wildlife populations to grow, you must do more than conserve. For this reason, Delta Wildlife focuses on restoration, enhancement, and management of wildlife habitats. By nature, this makes Delta Wildlife an implementation-oriented organization whereby a vast majority of the organization’s time and money is spent on “on-the-ground” projects that generate measurable benefits for wildlife and those who enjoy the resource.


Tied to the Land

Delta Wildlife works for everyone who has a vested interest in the region’s wildlife and natural resources. However, the organization cannot effectively improve our wildlife and natural resources if does not work closely with the people who control the land. The success of Delta Wildlife depends on the willing support and cooperation of landowners and land managers. Without land, there can be no “on-the-ground” habitat restoration, habitat enhancement, or management.


Regional Focus

Despite the fact that the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta and adjacent Loess Bluff share many wildlife and natural resource concerns with the rest of Mississippi, there are also many local issues and concerns that are unique to the region. For this reason, the founders of Delta Wildlife wanted the organization to focus its effort within the region in order to best address regional concerns. Delta Wildlife has no aspirations to expand its operation outside of its existing operating area because it believes that it would limit the organization’s ability to address issues right here at home.



Delta Wildlife strives to obtain the highest possible level of accountability among its membership, other conservation organizations, wildlife agencies, natural resource agencies, regulatory agencies, biologists, researchers, and other peers. Both the staff and Board of Directors are committed to operating an organization whose actions cannot be questioned or refuted in anyway. Delta Wildlife’s field operations are based on sound science. The organization’s administration is based on democracy and good business ethics. Every thing the organization does is thoroughly and precisely documented.


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