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MDWFP Announces Habitat and Predator Management Month

JACKSON – Amidst growing concern for populations of wild turkeys and other wildlife species, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) seeks to begin a new initiative aimed at encouraging hunters and landowners to undertake management practices to boost numbers of sought-after game species.

“Late winter is a great time to implement many different wildlife management practices,” said Adam Butler, the MDWFP Wild Turkey Program coordinator.  “It’s the down time between deer and turkey seasons, so disturbance is not as big of an issue, and there are many things that can be done.”  As a way to encourage active management during this timeframe, the MDWFP and partner organizations will begin a targeted campaign to engage and inform the state’s hunters, landowners, and conservationists about practices that can bolster wildlife populations during the month of February.  Sportsmen and women should look for technical information in print, radio, T.V., social media, and the internet on a variety of wildlife conservation topics including habitat enhancement and predator management.

Through this initiative, the MDWFP hopes to arm the state’s sportsmen and women with the knowledge necessary to continue world-class hunting in the Magnolia State through effective habitat and predation management.  “The MDWFP has an 80-plus year history of conservation success.  We have learned a lot during that time, but we have often not done the best job at sharing what we know with the public.  We hope to begin to change that beginning in February,” said Butler.  “Our vision is to create a united effort between hunters, landowners, the MDWFP, and its partner organizations on the importance of active wildlife management.  It’s the only way we’ll produce abundant numbers of the wildlife species we all treasure,” he continued.

For more information regarding habitat or predator management, or to view daily management topics during the month of February, visit us at or call us at (601) 432-2199. Follow us on Facebook at or on Twitter at