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Major Projects

Delta Wildlife Waterfowl Habitat Enhancement Project

The Delta Wildlife Waterfowl Habitat Enhancement Project was developed in cooperation with Monsanto Company to provide technical assistance and water control structures to Delta Wildlife members who wish to enhance waterfowl habitat on private lands in the Mississippi Delta and improve downstream water quality. The program, which was launched mid-July 2015 emphasizes waterfowl habitat improvements by requiring participating landowners to hold winter water for 60 consecutive days over a 215 day period between September 1 and March 1 for ten consecutive years. Delta Wildlife has partnered with the Monsanto Company in the past for a similar pipe program where members could request a standard pipe size and design but this year was a little different as projects were done as custom structures to best suit the landowner’s specific habitat needs. 55 landowners were granted 202 pipes allowing for 6,338 acres of winter water for migrating waterfowl to take advantage of throughout the Delta. In addition to the structures, Delta Wildlife staff has conducted initial site visits with participating landowners and will continue to provide technical support of the project sites in the form of comprehensive management plans and additional site visits. Delta Wildlife would like to once again extend thanks to the Monsanto Company for their support of the Delta and embracing Delta Wildlife’s mission of conservation, enhancement and restoration of lands throughout our area.

One note we must clarify is that all of the allocated pipes have been requested, distributed, and installed at the time of printing of this publication.