Photograph by Joe Mac Hudspeth, Jr. ·

What We Do

Major Projects

Quail and Grassland Songbird Habitat Restoration

In 2001, Delta Wildlife began the Quail and Grassland Songbird Habitat Restoration Project.  By the third year, the project had established 78 miles of quail friendly field borders throughout the Delta, providing enough habitat to increase quail populations 3-fold in areas adjacent to project sites.  The first three years of this project were funded by more than $1.2 million dollars worth of grants and contributions from private, cooperating landowners.  As a result of these efforts and others, the USDA has established a new CRP Quail Initiative (CP-33) that will allow Delta Wildlife to continue to put additional quail habitat on the ground.  Although the program is USDA’s, it is nearly identical to Delta Wildlife’s project.  The only difference is, landowners will be much more thoroughly compensated for their efforts.  Delta Wildlife will continue to provide technical assistance to landowners interested in quail habitat restoration and use this program whenever possible.  Furthermore, Delta Wildlife will help landowners plant their new habitat enrolled in CP-33, as Delta Wildlife owns the only grass drill capable of planting a majoring of the plant material approved for this program.

The project generated several publications which can be accessed in the RESOURCES section.